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Escape the pressure of the every day to find the path of love that's meant for you.

The Fool tarot card lets you know to listen to the world around you and take a break from distractions. Allow yourself the right to silence and to see love free from anxiety. Pisces, there can be something karmic in the past that has you thinking about love in a new way and it can really be exciting. Your desire to hold on to a memory or to recreate new ones with may come as a challenge.

The Three Decans of Scorpio

The Judgement tarot card says to think about what your heart is saying and that when you do things will become clear. Scorpio, the 12th house often can bring up hidden talents, hidden enemies and sometimes hidden desires. For your zodiac sign this can mean you become reconnected with a soul urge and it can complicate the way you perceived life to be at this time. The Lovers card is a sign to take your time to make a decision and just relax. Being aware doesn't always mean you have to answer now. Take your time. Gemini, with the Tower card, you can be caught off guard and wonder how can things start going perfectly and then a monkey wrench shows up to make things complicated.

In love, anything is possible and in romance, more so. You may find yourself curious as to why right person wrong timing is often part of your story. The universe may be revealing a little test of love that, like Shakespeare once expressed as a truth, "The course of true love never did run smoothly. Aquarius, the desire to travel and get away and escape the world with the one you love or see your family who live in another state for some home comforts can be truly overwhelming at this time.

You can be ready to get up and go. With Libra opening up the learning and excitement aspect of your life can make you truly want to experience everything that your life can at this time. The Temperance tarot card means that the wheels of your mind in anticipation of fun and adventure can leave you feeling slightly impatient.

While waiting, think of what fun things you can do when you get there and give thanks for the magic that's in your life right now. Libra, it's also about what you want. When you love someone you have a tendency to give of yourself to a point of emptying. But this time around during Venus's return to your sign, remember that you count too, and you can add your ideas, desires and wants to the conversation. The Emperor tarot card is a clear reminder that you shouldn't wait around for others to do it for you.

Initiate a little bit, even if it feels awkward. Sharing your needs is a practice, not art form, and you can learn to master it too. Taurus, when Venus re-enters Libra and opens the door to your work sector, you can feel passion and purpose return back to work, but at the same time it can exit your love life at the same time.

Be sure to find a way to balance time with your relationships so that you don't sacrifice one for another.

November Baby Facts - Facts About November Babies

The Moon tarot card repeats this message. Excessive, with most things, can become the enemy when you let one single thing rule your life more than it should. Virgo, during Venus retrograde in Libra, you can see your home life as a haven and want to make it even more relaxing and inviting during the Fall and Winter season. Add pops of color, and let yourself be inspired so that you can feel the mood when you walk into the room. The Justice tarot card means you can really create magic and balance in your life wherever you apply your attention towards.

Thanks to a return of Venus into your work and public reputation sector, you may feel more motivated by people seeing your heart and work in a new light.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

But this can become a slippery slope of over-pleasing, and the Devil tarot card suggest to spend time doing what makes you happy but also to be sure to balance it out so that you can see people love you for who you are, and not just what you do for them. Aries, this is a time when love and partnerships can come back around for you to ponder what it all means for you. The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 3rd in a leap year and two years following it:.

These symbols speak of regeneration and reuniting and are mostly about using what one has been blessed with even when things in life get dark and burdening. Those born on this date have the ability to see what hides behind the corner and need to rely on their hunch in dangerous situations, connecting with others who believe in a shared cause, to make this world a better place. On the other hand, we can see that battles need to be led and one must fall in order to rise again, and this sometimes puts a difficult stamp on the first part of their lives, until they discover where their mission lies and turn to the path of their Soul.

Governed by Mercury, Scorpios born on the 3rd of November feel the need to understand all the details to the bigger picture they see with ease and clarity. This allows them to separate their true goals from those that belong to others, and to express themselves in full freedom.

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They are to speak their mind openly, write about their experiences and publish their words, without restrictions from their group or any social circle they belong to. Their tribe is to be made out of people who have similar strivings in life and negativity in their surroundings could drain too much of their energy until they learn to listen behind the words, and put their own wellbeing first.

Even though we mostly see mental efforts and the importance of the mind in planetary settings of those born on November 3rd, to acquire true strength in life, they need their heart cleansed and regenerated from issues that bruised them. To truly see what they were meant to see, and express their emotions the way they should, they must connect with their emotional core and open their Soul for contact with others that is pure, sincere, and filled with empathy and adoration. This will lead them through relationships that point out their weaknesses, until they embrace their sensitivity as their real strength in life and set clear boundaries towards those who hurt them.

Once they achieve flexibility and allow themselves forgiveness for mistakes made, they will be ready to make full contact with someone who sparks the light in their heart. A Scorpio born on November 3rd excels in teaching and all forms of education. With faith and devotion, they make incredible progress in fields of philosophy and theology, as well as all areas of expertise that require one seeing the bigger picture and giving aim to people who are lost.

Gabbro, also named the blizzard stone, is a very good choice for people born on November 3rd. It is a crystal that allows recognition and acceptance of Earth's changes, bringing one in tune with the cycle of life and knowledge from upper realms they carry in their heart. It balances intense and diverse energies of people born on this date, until they are ready to fully appreciate their contact with the Divine and bring true faith down into their routine and their everyday life. Still, their love for giving might put you in a tricky position as they might expect everyone to put in the same amount of emotional effort into choosing their gift as they would in return.

Organize a gathering on a rooftop or take them paragliding, keeping an accent on heights they strive for. Studious, understanding and wide, they are optimistic and have the strength to regenerate and endure through hard times until they find their happy ending and meaning for all issues that life threw their way. When lost in other people's beliefs and convictions, they lose focus and get scattered doing too many things at once, distracting themselves from dealing with their inner world.

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  6. This puts a distance to their relationships and sometimes makes them aggressive, cold-hearted or energetically drain.